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Tracy’s #1Bestselling Book

best happy life personal development book

Happy Self: A Three-Step Strategy To Elevate Your Inner Game

5 STAR reviews on AMAZON

Learn to design, create and build the life you truly desire.

  1. Create A Foundation of Core Life Principles 
  2. Set Yourself Up For Success
  3. Connect To The Ultimate Power Source

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Having A Heart For God Devotional:
365 Days of the One Minute Bible Study

best god daily devotional book

Tracy’s Best Selling Daily Devotional Available on Amazon

“This is the most authentically heartfelt, best-researched, practical and well-written devotional I have ever read! It’s truly a blessing.”

“I read this first thing each morning. I purchased 10 books last December and used them as gifts for the holidays. The friends and family are always telling me how much they have valued this book over the year.”

“I love the way Tracy researched and structured this devotional. Not only am I gaining a deeper understanding of scripture, she connected the dots so that I am able to relate and apply scripture to my everyday life. This is the only devotional I need!”

“This devotional is a must-have for today’s busy person. Tracy Fox does an excellent job of breaking down the truth of God’s Word into simple lessons and rich takeaways that can enhance your walk every day of the year.” – Melissa Tamplin Harrison, NBC Journalist

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Happy Marriage® Handbook

best happy marriage book


best happy marriage book

Welcome to the Happy Marriage Handbook. Here Tracy takes the most effective, proven techniques and gives you a portfolio of answers on how to create Happily Ever After. Tracy has identified 10 key areas where most couples get off track. This book will enable you to gain clarity around your marital goals and the exact steps to implement them. Each spouse will complete his or her own Happy Marriage Handbook. There is one available for Her and one available for Him. And then together, you discuss answers and get excited about creating the Happy Marriage of your dreams.

In this book you will find:

  • Solutions to A Long Term Marriage
  • Ways To Create Lasting Intimacy
  • Ideas To Master Your Money
  • Great Parenting Suggestions
  • Answers for Conflict Resolution
  • Questions To Capture Key Insights
  • Actions to Lock in the Learning……
  • and much more

“The Happy Marriage Handbook took our marriage to the next level.”

“The Happy Marriage Handbook is the best investment for any married life.”

“Tracy Fox’s Signature 10 Step Solution saved our marriage.”
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Happy Work-Life:
Learn To Thrive 9 To 5 and Beyond

best work life balance book

5 STAR reviews on AMAZON

Yes, It is true. You can have an amazing career and a happy personal life too. In this book you will discover the 5 secrets for success to thrive 9 to 5 and beyond.

  1. Live to your purpose and passion
  2. Learn excellent time management
  3. Invest in great relationships
  4. Model what happy, successful people already do
  5. Insist on serenity so you can unplug, recharge and have fun

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Happy Self® Gratitude Journal

5 STAR reviews on AMAZON

A beautiful journal perfect for recording daily the things you are grateful for as well as happy moments. It includes a “belongs to” page and lots of inspirational quotes. This journal is the perfect gift for all your friends and family.

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Happy Self® Gratitude Journal For Girls

best gratitude journal

5 STAR reviews on AMAZON

The perfect gift for the young girls in your life. Daughters, Nieces, Sisters will have a place to write down all the things they are grateful for along with happy moments. This journal also has a “belongs to” page and lots of inspiring quotes.

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Happy Self® Daily “To Do List” Planner

best to-do list planner journal

5 STAR reviews on AMAZON

Everybody needs a written “to do list” and here is the perfect companion. With its beautiful cover, you will be inspired to get more done every day.

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Happy Self® Daily Goal Planner

best daily goal planner journal

5 STAR reviews on AMAZON

A great book to write down your goals and keep track of your progress. It will keep you productive and positive. It makes for a great gift too!

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A 10-Step Solution To Happily Ever After – Watch Video

Who Is The Happy Marriage Video Course For?

    • Anyone That Wants To Improve Their Marriage and Ignite it with FUN and INTIMACY
    • Married People in Crisis Who Want Immediate Answers To Get Back On Track
    • Newly Married Couples Who Want To Avoid Common Mistakes of Married Life
  • Also a GREAT GIFT For Men & Women About To Enter Into Wedded Bliss

Why Should I Invest My Time and Money In the Happy Marriage Video Course?

In this amazing and comprehensive course on married life, you will learn everything you always needed to know to create the Happy Marriage of your dreams. The 10 Video Lessons are easy to understand and easy to apply. Each video is jam-packed with invaluable information and strategies you can use for a life time.You can do the Happy Marriage E-Course separately from your spouse – It only takes one of you to improve your relationship

You can do the Happy Marriage E-Course at your own pace and discuss answers when you want

You can do the Happy Marriage E-Course where you want; from your desktop, sitting at the beach or together at the kitchen table.

You control, how, when and where you create the Happy Marriage of your dreams.


What Does The Happy Marriage Course include?

  • A Password Protected Site That You Can Access
  • 10 Weeks of Video Lessons – Jam Packed with Invaluable Information and Strategies
  • Downloadable Worksheet for Each Lesson To Lock on the Learning
  • Your identity is completely Anonymous if you desire
  • VIP Access To Private One on One Phone Coaching with Tracy At A Low Introductory Price

“The Happy Marriage E-Course is the Nuts and Bolts Operational Manual for Your Marriage That You Have Always Wanted and Deserved!. It is A Delightful Maintenance Plan For Your Marriage.”


To Purchase The Happy Marriage Course


Only $499

That is less than $250 for each spouse to have access to this life changing course.

Over 1,000 people have taken the Happy Marriage Course

What Do People Say About The Happy Marriage E- Course?

Happy Marriage online course coaching couples coaching Tracy has designed the perfect Marriage Course. I did this 10 video course in the privacy of my own home. At first my husband was reluctant but when he found out he could do it from his laptop…he was all in. Now he is a bigger fan than me. We even bought the Happy Marriage E-course for our daughter as she prepares for her upcoming nuptials”
Barry & Ann Peterson


Happy Marriage online course coaching couples coaching The Happy Marriage E- Course is exactly as Tracy describes it. I would also call it the ultimate operational manual for a Happy Marriage. My favorite feature is that I can do the course even when my husband is busy or traveling. We both don’t have to work on the marriage at the same time to see real results. Bravo! “
Jen Calvery


Happy Marriage online course coaching couples coaching “What I love about the Happy Marriage E-Course is that it is comprehensive. Tracy covers everything from how to have constructive family meetings to how to steal away for a much needed date night. I highly recommend this course!
Brendon Ducker

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