“Life Changing”  * “A Secret Weapon” * “The Solution Whisperer” * “Invaluable”  *  “Simply Amazing” *  “A+” * “The Real Deal”

“Tracy Fox Coaching Is A Boot Camp for Mind, Body and Soul”  *  “I wholeheartedly endorse Tracy Fox Coaching” * “A Hidden Gem”


“Sessions with Tracy Fox feature a utilization of time so efficient you find yourself wondering if you’ve gone through multiple sessions in one. Tracy is diligent, direct and pressing, all-the-while professional in her approach to extract from you the most deep-seated stagnations you either never knew were there or simply could not remove yourself. I give her an A+ when it comes to executive coaching; be ready for a feeling of productive pain that will inspire you to improve in everything you do.”
Mike Evans, CEO, FullCourtPeace.Org


“My time with Tracy Fox was invaluable! Every team needs a good coach and what better team than “Team Me” and what better coach than Tracy Fox!.  My time with Tracy was like a mental spa day, boot camp for the mind, body and soul! Her understanding of the human spirit and personal commitment to you and your goals is honorable. This is a woman who is on your side! She will help you get back on track and make things happen! Her program works, the goals are achievable and the connection you will make with Tracy is honest. She is truly not only an amazing coach, but an amazing cheerleader for your own personal happiness – she will get you where you want to be!  hope to work with her more in the future! Thank you Tracy Fox!!!!” 
Sandy McLane


“Having done the traditional therapy route before, i decided to do things differently this time…tracy held me accountable each and every step of the way. each session she kept me focused and zeroed in on the topic at hand…which we dissected and labored over until i could reconcile and resolve..tracy is down to earth, easy to talk to, and has a real knack for getting the best out of you..in return, she gives the most of herself. she came prepared to each session and became a partner in my journey. the time and money i spent with tracy was the best investment i ever made in myself!”
Jay Oberson


“I was going through a very difficult time in life.  My husband had his job eliminated at 63, we had to sell our home and I was being thrust around like a ship on a rough sea.  He was in a depression, my marriage was in trouble and I was very angry at the world.  I went to a spiritual workshop for some direction where I met Tracy.  It was life changing for me.  I started coaching with Tracy and can tell you a year later that my marriage, my life and my future all look brighter.  I realized by following  my faith and God’s plan for me,  I am on a different course.  Now I am riding the waves instead of being taken by them thanks for Tracy’s no nonsense approach to solving problems and dealing with them.  The skills I have attained are for life.  I could not recommend her more highly.”
Chris Paterson 


“Powerful and impactful are two words that immediately come to mind after experiencing Tracy Fox’s presentation. Throughout the entire session the audience was engaged and transformed by the practical, useful and immediately applicable concepts that Tracy shared. Within a day of being a participant in her seminar I made some very positive decisions regarding my business and personal life that have been truly paying off. I reached out to her for some one on one coaching because I was so impressed with her insights. She is really very good at one-on-one as well. If you have opportunity to see Tracy Fox present and/or to engage her as a business/life coach, I would highly recommend her.”
Joy Baldridge, President Baldridge Seminars International


“Tracy’s character is wonderfully accessorized by a very healthy sense of humor that allows delving into complex, controversial issues in a way that both enlightens and enlivens one’s spirit.
I whole-heartedly endorse and recommend Tracy Fox Coaching”
Susan Langer, President – Live Give Save Inc.  Red Wing Minnesota


“My time with Tracy was invaluable and she helped me get thru some difficulties with my family, personal issues and starting a new business. Her insight into what my problems were and then providing me with the steps to go in a new direction and be happy in my life were great. I am now happy and thriving in my personal and professional life with the self-confidence and tools to be ready for my future. Tracy is the perfect choice if you are stuck and are looking for your happy life!” 
Barbara Wilson Landscape Architect, LLC


“When it comes to coaching, Tracy Fox is the best. She is extremely dedicated and efficient in the way she delivers her coaching practice. Tracy is practical, serious, funny, smart, and tells you the way it is. All you have to do is set up the appointment, listen to what she tells you and follow through.”
Brooke Fairman, Director of Roger Williams Providence Zoo


“As an institutional financial service executive I have seen Tracy work with professionals to identify areas of improvement (business and personal), construct a plan to take immediate one week steps for progress and then review that progress and implement a new revised short term plan. Tracy is a coach who gets results that change the quality of people’s lives by helping them address and solve challenges with a results based approach that is refreshing and effective. She is perfect for stressful trading and research professionals struggling to have rewarding work relationships, manage work performance and have a balanced home life.”
Steve Messina, President of Institutional Equity Trading and Research, MKM Partners, LLC Stamford CT


“From the moment I met Tracy Fox, I knew I was in good hands.  She is truly insightful on a deep level.  Her years of coaching experience are evident. She is honest and direct. There were things that I felt and saw but  questioned; her validation brought clarity which helped me make the right  decisions moving forward in my life.  I think she has a special gift, not only in seeing patterns, but communicating in a way that  affects change.  I highly recommend Tracy.” 
Claudia Fox


“I was referred to Tracy at a difficult time in my job. She asked pointed questions and got straight to the root of my issues. She gave me the tools to navigate my way out and now with a new job I am so much happier! Challenges are still and will always be there but if my strategies are employed I know there will be a better ending. Thanks Tracy for your help and I am sure we will talk again!”
Brian Gaffney, Golf Professional


“I had several coaching sessions with Tracy that proved to be extremely insightful. I highly recommend her unique coaching to anyone looking to truly pinpoint and deal with their issues quickly and efficiently.  If you are willing to do the work necessary to move forward with a much better understanding of who you are and why, then you’re ready for Tracy!” 
Shannon Celia, CA, Artist & Owner of Seashop.com


“If you are looking for spot-on assistance  with making positive changes in your life,  then Tracy is the best person for the job.  Her guidance is not only from her  impressive coaching credentials but she  wastes no time in getting to the root  cause of your “stuck-ness” and works  with you to develop real-life action steps that will enable you to achieve your desires.”
Jennifer Covello, Parenting With Purpose


“Tracy’s coaching and insight has helped me make incredible progress both personally and professionally.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.  Tracy visited our trading floor and we had her work with every member of our team”   
Jim Bates


“I called Tracy Fox to help me stop the re-runs of my life that continued to happen year after year. To others, I seemed happy, but I had little self confidence and my personal relationships were lacking. No matter what geographical location I was in, the same feelings were there. Tracy listened intently to my issues and very quickly assisted me in making a plan. It was great to see her enthusiasm to see that things were not as hopeless as they seemed to me. I left the first meeting so much more confident than when I arrived. I had a plan, which has changed my beliefs about myself and given me more of a voice. I don’t wait for things to happen, but take action to MAKE things happen. ”
Amy Clatterson


“A session with Tracy Fox is relevant to a full program of therapy for a clearer mind. She gets right to the root of the issue and helps you, not only feel better about each situation but teaches you strategies on how to deal with the case if it were to arise again. I can honestly say that Tracy Fox has changed my life. Ever since my sessions with Tracy, I have lived more, worried less, and felt true to be my whole self and embrace everything that I am. Tracy has helped me grow professionally in ways I never thought I would grow, grow into a human I never thought I could become, and care for individuals in ways I didn’t know that I was capable of doing. With her strategies that will last a lifetime, I recommend Tracy Fox to my closest and dearest loved ones. Everyone needs a Tracy Fox in their life.”
McKenzie Mayers


“While a successful business executive who was professionally riding high in his career, a sudden and unexpected career set-back forced me to confront the realities of a potential late career change.  Faced with the usual reactions of anger, denial and immediate hit to self-confidence and sense of worth, including a  pre-conceived financial retirement plan, I was fortunate to be introduced to Tracy by my wife, who had met her at a women’s spiritual retreat.  After just a few sessions with Tracy, I recognized her unique coaching ability to combine strategic business and personal goal setting, with a spiritual re-evaluation of life’s priorities.  Over less than a year, Tracy coached me through a successful transition to a third leg of my business career, while re-prioritizing my personal goals, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to proactively challenge or is faced with this inevitable career and personal phase of their career and life.  Her insight provides anyone with a rare and often ignored opportunity to reassess the proverbial, what is most important in life, and alter the course of their careers and personal life.” 
Tom Savering


“A friend of mine posted on social media the remarkable experience she journeyed on with Tracy late last spring. Not being one for social media and feeling stuck at this point in my life, I read this appraisal as a message directly to me. This message encouraged me to have the first conversation with Tracy. On a 15 minute phone call, it was clear Tracy was direct, knowledgable and goal oriented. Over a 6week period we developed trust, confidence and a plan to get me unstuck. Our developed plan led to the resolution of my past patterns, self-confidence, self-reliance and a path to new beginnings and a bright, positive future.  If you are thinking about a new direction, getting “un-stuck”, if you have tried a therapist without feeling/seeing progress- give Tracy a call. She has a method, a tough love approach, the knowledge and tenacity to get you where you ultimately desire to live your life. Take the chance, reach out.”  
Cecelia Brown


“I highly recommend Tracy if you are experiencing a life change, or, like myself, you simply find yourself stuck and in need of an objective outside voice (i.e. not family or friend) to help you sift through all the decision making we do as adults. Tracy listens, she then helps sort through the thoughts to achieve clarity and a path forward. Tracy identified my tendency toward negative thinking. She then helped me to shift that pattern to one of positivity. This shift, which took practice on my part, has been instrumental in helping me make positive changes. Tracy gave me the tools to move forward in my life. Thank you Tracy!” 
Gary Tucker


“Tracy takes a solution based approach with her clients. She has years of experience in the field and has a proven track record of success. Tracy possesses just the right balance of active listening, offering advice, and action planning.  I just cannot say enough great things about her! I will also add that I am not compensated for my endorsement, so you can trust this recommendation is sincere” 
Leslie Paddington


“Tracy brings a refreshing and practical approach for a successful career and happy personal life. We offered Tracy’s coaching to all 200 staff members at our corporate office and it was one of the best investments Jersey Mikes could have made.”
Peter Cancro, Founder of Jersey Mikes, Manasquan NJ


“Tracy has this amazing ability to get right to the heart of what is slowing you down, making you less productive, and creating stress and anxiety for you. Her forward thinking and positive approach to handling any obstacle that you may face will have anyone who works with her feeling more productive, less stressed, and happier.   Tracy’s effective coaching will give you the results you are seeking and what is better, these results will come faster than you ever expect.  Trust the process and you will succeed. 
I would highly recommend Tracy to my clients, my friends, and my family.”
Aidan R. Welsh, Partner at Schoonmaker, George, Colin, Blomberg, Bryniczka & Welsh, PC – Greenwich, CT

Sandy Schoettle SIF

“Working with Tracy is like having a secret weapon in my pocket.   She’s accessible, efficient, and dedicated. She reaches in to those hard-to-reach places, identifies the root of the problem, and then provides the right tools to straighten out the mess and move on.  Tracy’s questions are direct and thought provoking; they are the vehicle to which solutions are revealed.  By the end of each session, I have a step-by-step plan to implement into my work and or personal life.  Owning your own business comes with it’s own challenges, having your spouse as your business partner brings on a whole new layer of complexity, one that Tracy has helped me navigate with grace- I am eternally grateful. Tracy and I have never met face-to-face but I know she’s just a phone call away.  Working with Tracy has been, hands down, one of the best decisions of my career.” 
Sandy Schoettle – CEO, Sea Island Forge, Saint Simons GA


“When I met Tracy I was overwhelmed both professionally and personally. She was able to accurately and quickly identify the issues, develop strategies, and hold me accountable.  
I am a better leader and mom because of Tracy, she is nothing short of amazing!!”
Ashley Davis, President of Ocean Petroleum

Marriage and Family Endorsements


“We hired Tracy to FIX our marriage. In fact, our divorce lawyer told us to give it one last chance with Tracy Fox. It worked and she did it in her 12 week Happy Marriage Package. We would have paid anything to fix our family but with Tracy we didn’t have to….her fee is extremely reasonable and her system works. We now tell EVERYONE to hire Tracy”
Bob and Barbara McMullen


“Tracy has helped us through 3 devastating and life altering events. She makes you stop, think and react in a healthy manner. You have to talk about the tough stuff to set up a positive life plan. Her wisdom is far beyond her years. I feel like she is a horse whisperer for humans.” 
A Grateful family


“Tracy helped me with my relationship with my son who has ADHD.  She also helped me express my feelings with my wife and mother-in-law on how to hold our son more accountable.  In our sessions Tracy challenged me and to think through my actions, I was a “yeller”.  She gave me a worksheet that my son and I discussed and it was the best conversation I had with him and we learned about each other.  I believe I saw Tracy for 12 sessions and my relationship is better now with my son than ever.  I highly recommend Tracy to help with family relationship issues.” 
Bill Marnier


“Tracy is the perfect solution for our family. We found ourselves really needing guidance and help and reached out to her. She quickly assessed our situation and started with recommendations and action steps immediately. Tracy focuses on our daughter, but reminds us we are a family, and we are all part of the solution.  She educates all of us on what our daughter, and we all, are dealing with.  We share the videos and pieces of literature Tracy recommends and find them very helpful. Her direction and advice on medical intervention has been spot on.  It is amazing how effective and comprehensive she is.  She is simply wonderful for all of us. Thank you, Tracy!”
Greenwich Family


“Thank you very much for the great work you’ve done with our family. The timing of your involvement with us was critical and truly a godsend.I didn’t know what to expect but you showed a professionalism and commitment that really impressed me. Through your coaching, I learned much more about our children’s needs and how I can improve my relationship with them.”
Guy Sinto



“Tracy Fox is the perfect choice for assisting corporate leaders with life skills coaching and goal setting.
Tracy has a unique and proven ability to identify opportunities and get straight
to issues critical to personal and business success.”
Don Griffin, President of LA Music Agency – Los Angeles CA


“Happy Self” is an excellent book! Simple, clear, concise and forward thinking – Tracy guides you through a program of self reflection and strategic planning that teaches the reader to put things in perspective and find the happiness we all deserve, as well as peace of mind. This book puts you in touch, with you; your true goals, motivations – personally, emotionally and spiritually! “Happy Self” is a powerful read
I also had the personal privilege to work with Tracy for 8 weeks of Life Coaching. My time with her was invaluable and this book was the perfect handbook to compliment my sessions with her. If you do not have the ability to meet with a life coach as talented and motivating as Tracy personally, read this book. It will truly change your life. It changed mine. Thank you Tracy! Progress, not perfection, keeping it positive!
Enez Morales

“When I first sough out Tracy Fox for professional coaching, I was very unhappy in my then current professional life because of the environment I was working in and my immediate supervisor.  Even after the very first session, I felt unstuck and on the path to a renewed relationship with my job. After several session, I learned and applied principles and methods that allowed my to have a very different attitude and approach to the aspects of the my professional life that I could not change and to make adjustments on my end to change the things I could.  I went from feeling miserable and despairing to content (happy came later when I received a long awaited promotion!) and purposeful about my work life.  Tracy doesn’t just provide suggestions and advise, but her approach is to teach you how to apply life principles and attitude enhancements that empower you to turn a situation around that you thought once out of your hands or impossible to change.  I have since recommended Tracy to many colleagues and friends who are stuck in a situation, mindset or bad habit or simply want to get ahead and do better in their life.  Tracy can get your there!”
Donna R., Educational Administrator

I Ultimately hired Tracy for personal coaching and referred to a very close friend. This isn’t the traditional hoopla; Tracy is the REAL DEAL. – Dayna Bouvier


Tracy is an incredible life coach and when I can’t be in front of her physically this book helps a lot! I love her simple, to the point, easy to use advice. This is a read for everyone who wants to be happy! Great job Tracy! – Meredith Zengo

“I had the pleasure of hearing Tracy Fox speak recently at The DoubleTree by Hilton and the presentation was 100% amazing and life changing.  Hire her to speak at your engagement or hire her to coach you, that will be the best decision you ever make.” – Debra Pimentel, Catering Sales Manager, Double Tree


“Coaching with Tracy was simply the best decision I ever made” – Steve, 62
“Tracy provides therapy with immediate results” – Lisa, 44
“I had a huge breakthrough in my very first session” – Candy, 35
“I HIGHLY recommend Coaching with Tracy” – Steve, 40
“Tracy has a unique intuitive ability to problem solve – She is a hidden gem” – Nicole – 39
“If you want to get UN-STUCK, Contact Tracy Today” – Betsy, 55

BOOK REVIEWS – Happy Self – A Three Step Strategy To Elevate Your Inner Game

Kim Slonieski  Happy Self – I Loved this book- I keep it on my bedside table. Last thing I read at night.

Margaret Meade  Exceptional! I will be gifting Happy Self to my entire family.

Tom Archie  In two words, LIFE CHANGING

Ridgely Brode  This is a wonderful empowering read. We all need a Happy Self and what better time than right now to take care of yourself. Give it a read and you will not be disappointed.

Steve Messina  Effective strategy that is clearly written and presented in a way that really helps. Was very much worth the purchase.

Kimberly Beere  Super helpful and thought provoking read. Tracy is very clear in outlining the simplest route to clarity.

Liz Andeson  Go beyond the selfie and see for yourself how three simple strategies can bring you REAL happiness: from the inside OUT!!

Gwynne Tybetts  A wonderful read, that’s simple to incorporate into your life. Making all the difference!

Stephen Melton  As profound as it is pragmatic. A great resource for a happier life.

Imani J  I can’t recommend this book strongly enough. I think anybody would find smart ideas to enrich their life. It’s an easy read with only 16 short chapters but it has the potential for a profound and lasting impact on your life if you take the learning to heart.

Brandi Maniscalco  A friend recently gave me this wonderful book as a gift. It has provided me such insight on happiness. It will be at the top of my list at Christmas as a gift for friends and family.

Meredith Scheine  This is an incredible book. It will change your life. We all deserve to live a happy life. Tracy will help you make this come true. I can’t wait for my friends to read it. I am buying copies to give out to them.

 Beatrice Clements  Just finished Tracy’s book and really enjoyed it – I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a refresher on what’s really important in life!

Aiden Welsch  Very insightful and excellent book. Tracy Fox is very talented!

Jo Waldron  I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to hear Tracy Fox speak on the topic of Living Your Best Life at our church along with 60 other women. She was phenomenal! Everyone gave her rave reviews and walked away with rich insights. I can’t recommend this book strongly enough. I think anybody would find smart ideas to enrich their life. It’s an easy read with only 16 short chapters but it has the potential for a profound and lasting impact on your life if you take the learning to heart.

Zarin Kraft  Read the book in one day. Couldn’t stop reading. It’s currently next to my bed as a daily reminder.
Everyone should have it. A reminder of how important happiness is. How important we are in this world and how we should take care of ourselves and our happiness. Without it we can’t help anyone else.
The book is written in such an inviting style. Easy to understand. I will probably keep reading it every few weeks. I have the privilege to work with Tracy. She is extremely inspiring and motivating. Honest direct and caring as her book is.

Walter Levin  Fantastic book! I highly recommend reading this book and buying for those you love. They will thank you over and over. Very interesting and helpful. Many of her recommendations were easy for me to put in place instantly. Her other recommendations made me think outside my typical comfort zone. Thanks to you Tracy I have more ways to ensure my continued happiness.

Christin Engh  Tracy Fox “Happy Self” is a MUST READ! Her insight to and understanding of how to live a happy life will have even the self proclaimed happy people revisit their happiness and reconnect with themselves as well as guide and help those who seek to improve their daily happiness in a new and improved way! Highly recommend buying this book!

Merry Bouscaren  Tracy Fox writes in a very simple, honest and direct manner that makes the book a page turner. The exercises at the end of each chapter are worth the time one puts into them. Simplistic and profound. What comes forth in her book and in person, is her sincere ability and desire to help others help themselves.

Marnie Price  Once again Tracy clearly,,simply and positively makes her points to encourage oneself to be a better human being! Why not choose to be a better self? Then you will be a happier self!

Brooke Fairman  Tracy gets it on every level! I have had my whole team at work read this book never mind telling my friends about it! It is helpful on all levels and manages to teach you in a simple yet effective way! Live by it and you’ll be happy!

Jeanne Gnuse Clear, direct, simple enjoyable, enlightening, joyful, own it, share it , love it. Our world will be a much better place as this book spreads its message.