Why Work With Tracy?

Tracy has been an NYU Trained Life Coach for over 10 years and is regarded as the top life and marriage coach.  She is also a best selling author of two books and a sought after and well respected speaker in her field.  Tracy also sends out her EMPOWER YOURSELF EMAIL BLAST and and video series to thousands of subscribers.  Tracy has consulted, brainstormed and advised thousands of clients over the years.  She brings you the best of proven strategies and techniques so that you get the answers you need immediately.

How Is Tracy Different From other Life Coaches?

Tracy is action-based.  She will diagnose your situation in the very first session and you will leave with a step-by-step plan that will transform your life.  Tracy will also teach you how to employ these answers for the long run. The reason that so many amazing clients from all over the world want to work with Tracy is that she has built a stellar reputation that “she gets the job done!!”.  Tracy has already developed a signature strategy outlined in her two books, “Happy Self” and “Happy Marriage Handbook”.

How Long Does Someone Work with Tracy?

Tracy does a FREE introductory call with every prospective client to see if coaching is right for them.   Together we make a plan for you to continue to experience the power of Tracy’s Signature Coaching.

What Are The Benefits to Working With Tracy?​

  • Tracy will coach you in person or on the phone so you can relax in the privacy of your own home
  • Tracy will accommodate your busy schedule and find a time that works for you
  • Tracy gets results immediately – Just read the Testimonials
  • Tracy is a well respected speaker, author and NYU Trained Life Coach
  • Tracy works with both men and women and is a relationship expert
  • Tracy has a 100% success rate working with married couples.
  • Tracy will give you the tools and strategies you can use NOW but will also teach you how to implement them for a lifetime!
  • Tracy is super efficient in her coaching….so you will save both TIME and MONEY.
  • Tracy has written and published two bestselling books, she has created an online marriage course and coaches over 35 clients a week.  Tracy will bring that level of success to your coaching relationship also, so you get the results you need and deserve.

How Do I Get Started Working With Tracy?

Tracy offers a “Free Get Acquainted Call” and if it seems like a good match for both of you, together you will devise a plan to move forward.  To Schedule that call…

Looking for a top life / marriage coach? EMAIL TRACY HERE or call 203 856-2906.