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Hi, I am Tracy Fox, Strategic Life Coach, Marriage Solutions Expert and Relationship Counselor. I am also a Keynote Speaker and Author of Four Best Selling Books.

For over 10 years, I have consulted with clients in three specific areas. One is Personal Life Coaching where I work with men and women who want immediate, straightforward answers to their problems. They might be struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, negative thinking, distraction, career aspirations or discovering their life purpose. My second expertise is in Marriage Solutions where I help couples reclaim the joy of married life. Finally, I am a Relationship Counselor who teaches strategies to improve and strengthen connections within your home, work and spiritual life. What sets me apart is my unique ability to get to the core issue in the very first session and provide you with a signature step-by-step action plan. I give you tools for today and solutions for a lifetime. Work with me in person or over the phone to get back on track to a Happy Self, a Happy Marriage and a Happy Life.

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“Sessions with Tracy Fox feature a utilization of time so efficient you find yourself wondering if you've gone through multiple sessions in one . I give her an A+ when it comes to life coaching.”


“Tracy has a unique intuitive ability to problem solve, She is a hidden gem. If you want to get Unstuck, I HIGHLY recommend Coaching with Tracy. It was simply the best decision I ever made.”


“When it comes to personal coaching, Tracy Fox is the best. She is extremely dedicated in the way she delivers her coaching practice. Tracy is practical, spiritual, funny, smart, and gets results.”


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