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“We hired Tracy to FIX our marriage. In fact, our divorce lawyer told us to give it one last chance with Tracy Fox. It worked and she did it in her 12 week Happy Marriage Package. We would have paid anything to fix our family but with Tracy we didn’t have to….her fee is extremely reasonable and her system works. We now tell EVERYONE to hire Tracy” Bob and Barbara McMullen 

marriage coaching“Tracy has helped us through 3 devastating and life altering events. She makes you stop, think and react in a healthy manner. You have to talk about the tough stuff to set up a positive life plan. Her wisdom is far beyond her years. I feel like she is a horse whisperer for humans.”  A Grateful family

best marriage coach therapy near Darien CT“Tracy is the perfect solution for our family. We found ourselves really needing guidance and help and reached out to her. She quickly assessed our situation and started with recommendations and action steps immediately. Tracy focuses on our daughter, but reminds us we are a family, and we are all part of the solution.  She educates all of us on what our daughter, and we all, are dealing with.  We share the videos and pieces of literature Tracy recommends and find them very helpful. Her direction and advice on medical intervention has been spot on.  It is amazing how effective and comprehensive she is.  She is simply wonderful for all of us. Thank you, Tracy! – Greenwich Family

best marriage coach therapistThank you very much for the great work you’ve done with our family. The timing of your involvement with us was critical and truly a godsend.I didn’t know what to expect but you showed a professionalism and commitment that really impressed me. Through your coaching, I learned much more about our children’s needs and how I can improve my relationship with them.   Guy Sinto

“Life Changing”  * “A Secret Weapon” * “The Solution Whisperer” * “Invaluable”  *  “Simply Amazing” *  “A+” * “The Real Deal”

“Tracy Fox Coaching Is A Boot Camp for Mind, Body and Soul”  *  “I wholeheartedly endorse Tracy Fox Coaching” * “A Hidden Gem”

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A great marriage consists of two individuals that are willing to empower themselves first so they can empower their marriage.  Clients learn skills and techniques that work for today and last for a life time! Tracy has developed a 10 Step Proprietary System As A Solution For Your Happy Marriage.


  • Solutions for a long term marriage

  • Ways to create lasting intimacy

  • Ideas to master your money

  • New parenting suggestions

  • Answers for conflict resolutions

  • Actions to lock in the learning

Results are immediate and clients are AMAZED at what they accomplish.

What Do I Specialize In?

top best marriage coach therapist1) Personal Growth for A Happy Self. Get Unstuck.  Together we create strategies to overcome Anger, Anxiety, Discouragement, Low Self Esteem, Negative Thinking, Distraction and Disorganization. Then we manifest an action based plan so you can live the life you were meant to enjoy.  Goal Setting, Homework, & Principles to Guide You.

2) Resolving Conflict for a Happy Marriage & Family. Tracy has worked with hundreds of couples that were on the edge of despair.  Together we brainstorm on the best communication styles and strategies that work to create the happy home you and your children deserve.

3) Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life. Everyone one of us has hopes and dreams for a happy life.  It might be a new career, a small business, better friendships, a deeper relationship with God.  Tracy is an expert in helping you manifest the life you deserve to be living.

Results are immediate and clients are AMAZED at what they accomplish.

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