Raising Happy Kids

We all want to raise HAPPY kids!!
 Happiness is a tremendous advantage in a world that emphasizes performance because happy people do better in every indictor of health and well being.
Here are 4 simple suggestions that work.   They are taken from my 10 years of being an NYU Certified Life Coach working with families and talking with kids.
Play Together
Put down the phones and get out the board games.
Kids just want to have fun and that is true at every age!!!
Try a game of cards,  “Trivial Pursuit” or “Apples to Apples”.  Families that play together…stay together.
Work As A Team
Make chores a happy family effort.  Set a time where everyone including Mom, Dad and kids contribute to keeping the house in working order.  It might be cleaning the kitchen or mowing the lawn. This type of team effort gives everyone a feeling of accomplishment and pride in their family home.
Encourage From The Bottom Up
Most parents feel they have to scold their kids to keep them on track.  However a much more effective parenting tool is to encourage them from the bottom up.  Remember to reward effort not perfection and MOST IMPORTANTLY love your kids for who they are not who you want them to be.
Enjoy a Meal Together Daily
It might be true that you can’t always grab family dinner together because of sports, work and school commitments.   However there is always time to make breakfast, brunch or an afternoon snack a priority time.    Studies show that kids who eat meals with their families on a regular basis are more emotionally stable and less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. They get better grades; they have fewer depressive symptoms; and they grow into happier adults who are able to handle the every day stresses of life with joy.