Feelings Not Facts

  That the best way to communicate with other people is to identify with their feelings not their facts. When you agree with someone’s feelings, then you have communicated that you’ve listened to the other person. Since we all want to be heard and appreciated, this one tip will help you have stronger relationships at … Continued

Solitary Refinement

Today we examine solitude. Solitude is a very critical element of this process. The difference between loneliness and solitude is that loneliness is an anxious feeling of longing for a personal connection and solitude is a deliberate choice to spend time alone in search of an experience of God. Loneliness is something we flee away … Continued

The Power of Goal Setting

If you write down your goals on paper instead of just having them in your mind, you are increasingly more likely to achieve them. Goal setting is not a new concept, but writing goals down is the step that insures your success. The magic of written goal setting is that it enables you to make … Continued

Fight All Your Battles In Prayer

If you turn on the evening news, read a newspaper or tune into to your favorite radio station for updates, you will hear a lot of very bad news. Alaska is losing glaciers at an unprecedented rate, wild fires are ravaging the western United States with no rain in sight and California is in a … Continued

Do You Need Validation?

The question is not whether we have an audience but which audience we have. Most of us look outside ourselves for validation.   We want other people to approve of us so we can feel okay.  This was clarified when Oprah Winfrey was asked to give the commencement speech at Harvard University and she spoke to this … Continued